Evening Primrose for Vaginal Burning

Aging causes estrogen levels to fall, which leads to changes in the vaginal environment. Estrogen is a hormone that maintains secretions in the vagina to keep its walls moist and healthy. When estrogen levels go down, vaginal walls turn thick and dry with the tendency to crack and bleed during intercourse. This condition is usually referred to as vaginal burning and can greatly diminish the pleasures of a sexual act. At certain times, vaginal burning can also cause itching and pain when urinating. To maintain a healthy vagina, it is necessary that you provide the area with sufficient lubrication. Evening primrose oil, together with several other natural herb extracts, is widely used for this purpose.

Taking oral evening primrose oil in capsule form has been proven to provide the body with needed fatty acids to stimulate lubrication of the vagina. You can also puncture the capsule and gently massage the oil onto the vaginal walls for faster relief. Regular lubrication from evening primrose oil maintains the elasticity of the walls and improves blood circulation in the vagina. The oil also contains high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, the backbone of many hormones that the body produces. When there is an abundance of fatty acids, the body is triggered to produce estrogen which is a hormone. A healthy level of estrogen is invaluable in the maintenance of the reproductive organs.

You can also add vitamin E to your evening primrose oil remedy. Other vitamins such as vitamin C and B-complex can be taken orally as well. Regular intercourse is also another way of maintaining mucus secretions in the vagina. Masturbation may also help stretch vaginal tissues and prevent them from becoming dry.

Vaginal burning is very uncomfortable; it also diminishes sex life and may lead to serious diseases like fungal infections. So don’t ignore vaginal dryness. Treat it immediately with evening primrose oil.